What is improved ?

Features already available in phpBB2 but improved and/or enhanced for phpBB3. This list only highlights the most important improvements.

Private messages

  • Send to multiple recipients
  • Send to groups
  • Send Blind Carbon Copies (BCC)
  • Forward messages
  • Friends list works as address book
  • Attach files to PMs
  • PM Drafts
  • Conversation view
  • PM folders
  • PM filters
  • Export Messages


  • Enable/disable COPPA
  • Limit registration attempts
  • Set min/max username length
  • Set min/max password length
  • Limit username chars
  • Set password complexity requirements
  • Force password change
  • Allow/disallow e-mail address re-usage


  • Search inside topics
  • Select multiple forums and categories to search
  • Search within topic titles only
  • Search within first post of a topic only
  • Set search flood interval to limit server load
  • Select search backend (MySQL/phpBB)

Admin Control Panel

  • More flexible and accessible tab layout
  • Modular system allows for easy extensions
  • Allow/disallow access to different functions
  • New founder status for the board creator
  • Completely re-structured for better handling

Moderator Control Panel

  • Manage the moderation queue
  • List of warnings and reports
  • Forum, topic, and post detail views


  • Multiple options per user
  • Allow/disallow vote change


  • Multiple group leaders
  • Set display colour for group members
  • Set group rank
  • Set group avatar

Profile View

  • More user statistics on profile view
  • Signature on profile view
  • Usergroups on profile view


  • More powerful and flexible permission system
  • Simple permissions through roles
  • Fine-tune admin and moderator access
  • Super moderators

User Management

  • Advanced user editing interface
  • Edit user preferences
  • Edit group memberships
  • Show and edit all attachments of a user
  • View permissions directly

More Improvements

  • Moderator and admin control panels
  • Set temporary bans
  • Comments for bans
  • Manage group memberships in the ACP
  • Search members by all attributes

What is new ?

Features that did not exist in phpBB2 and were implemented for phpBB3. This list is not complete, but only highlights the most important feature additions.


  • Attachments in posts and PMs
  • Automatic image thumbnails
  • Attach images, documents, video streams, archives
  • Multiple attachments allowed
  • Display attachments inline

Unlimited Subforums

  • Create unlimited subforums
  • Display active topics of all subforums

Custom Profile Fields

  • Add new fields on user profiles
  • Display them at registration
  • Display them on the profile view
  • Hide new profile fields
  • Support different data types

User Control Panel

  • Manage subscribed topics & forums
  • Manage bookmarked topics
  • Manage saved drafts
  • Manage private messages
  • Manage usergroups
  • Manage friends and foes
  • Manage attachments

New Moderating Tools

  • Moderation queue
  • Topic merging
  • Topic copying
  • Locking of single posts
  • Topic history

Caching and performance

  • Templates are cached
  • Permissions are cached
  • Forum config is cached
  • Database queries are cached

Friends and Foes

  • Add other members as friends or foes
  • Posts by foes are hidden
  • Friends are shown in friends list

Warnings and Reports

  • Users can report topics and posts
  • Moderators can warn users

More Improvements For Users

  • Bookmark topics
  • Subscribe to forums
  • Jabber/XMPP support for notifications
  • Mail or print topics
  • “You were beaten at posting notification”

More Improvements For Admins

  • Global announcements
  • Display forum rules on forum page
  • Prune inactive users
  • User, moderator, admin and error logs
  • User notes
  • Detect search spiders